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If you are seeking to advertise a business or service in the genre of toys and dolls and wish to sponsor and article then Katrina’s Toy Blog may be of service to you.

Here’s what we will do for you:

1.     We will provide great content that is useful to our readers. We have the best interest of our readers in mind. Our readers flock to our blog because we offer solid value for their time.

2.    We will write your article in the “style” of Katrina’s Toy blog: many pictures and if possible video. Text will always be evenly dispersed between photo and video. Our readers LOVE this format.

3.    We will fully disclose that your article is a sponsored article at the top and bottom of each post and it will be categorized under “sponsored articles” in addition to any other category as it may apply.

4.    Sponsored posts will be a maximum of 5% of posts. Common sense tells us that as the number of sponsored posts increase the value of each post decreases.

5.    Great value for our sponsors: You will get 350 – 400 words. You can have 3 large pictures and a picture gallery or slideshow of up to 10 pictures. If you have a video clip that can be included as well. Each picture will be clickable back to your specified source. At the end of the blog your logo and a short bio about you/your business will be included. Blog Post will be facebooked and twittered.

6.    We charge $75.00 per article paid via paypal before writing commences. Upon completion and before  publication, you will have the opportunity to review the post. Any edits you request will be completed before  publication.

7.    We reserve the right to only work with the ‘right’ advertisers for us. We also reserve the right to terminate any agreements for pay-per-post articles at any time before advertiser review of completed blog post with a 100% refund of advertiser’s $75.00 fee.

If you would like to sponsor a post contact katrinastoyblog@live.com

Please fill out following form:

Sponsored Articles


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