Item of the week 3/28/11 Little tikes Toddle Tots

28 Mar

Have you seen these little guys and wondered who they were?

Lot of Little Tikes Toddle Tots for sale at

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These little plastic dolls are made by Little Tikes. They are intended for toddlers aged 12 – 36 months of age. They are easy to hold yet big enough as to not present a choking hazard. Attention to detail on these plastic figurines aids toward pretend time play.

Little Tikes made several toys that are played with in conjuction with the Toddle tots to aid in pretend play such as a school bus, fire truck, dump trucks etc.

Fire Truck

dump truck

House and car


Toddle Tots  make brief appearances with Andy’s toys throughout Toy Story and Toy Story 2, and are mostly heard making a high pitched squeak. Many of the Tots include the Fireman Tots in their Toddle Tots Fire Truck, along with Cap Toddle Tot, Farmer Toddle Tot, Doc Toddle Tot, Hunter Toddle Tot, Painter Toddle Tot, Sailor Toddle Tot and a Shriner Toddle Tot in a little red car.

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