1991 Playskool Flip n’ Fancy dolls

7 Nov

Flip ‘n Fancy were produced by Playskool in 1991. They were a series of little double-sided flat looking dolls which could twist in various places to create instant new looks. There was also at least one playset produced. The dolls are made of plastic and measure 4”, (10 cm).  

There were 24 dolls produced:

  1. Fancy Fallon
  2. Popstar Patty
  3. Trendy Wendy
  4. dazzling Desiree
  5. beautiful Brittany
  6. Cute Coyn
  7. Classy Clarissa
  8. Playtime Paula
  9. Sweet dreams Sara
  10. bridal belles
  11. dancing duos
  12. Fun friends
  13. Travel ‘in Twosomes

These are great little dolls, and hard to find too!

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