It’s time to start thinking about Christmas……

27 Sep

I know, I know. It’s not even Halloween for crying out loud! But there are only 88 days left until December 25th.

When we factor in all that web surfing you will need to do to find that fabulous widget for Uncle Eddie and Aunt Eadie –

Plus the 2 – 3 weeks that you will need to wait for the package to arrive. We are down to only 67 days! And you really want to get the item in your hands early in case there is a problem with the item, (such as broken in shipment),  and you need to return it to the vendor – another 2 weeks or so. Then you will be refunded the $$ for the item.

We are down to 53 days to Christmas now!

And you are back to square one of needing to select a new gift or await a replacement product from the original vendor – another 2 -3 weeks!

Now down to 32 days until the blessed event. And this is if you find that perfect gift right away!

Don’t stress yourself. Give yourself, your on-line vendor, and the mailman plenty of time to get the tasks done. Start early and you will be sipping eggnog in front of the fire while all of your friends are running around like chickens with their heads cut-off trying to finish their holiday shopping……..and sweating the arrival of on-line gifts to their mailbox!

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