Talking about YouTube – Wuv Luv Commercial

26 Aug

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YouTube – Wuv Luv Commercial

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WuvLuvs is one of those toys that adults stare at, think it’s cute and then aren’t quite sure what to do with it. But children immediately can figure it out, and then run off and play with it. A WuvLuvs is a fuzzy, pastel colored, half-stuffed animal/ half-electronic toy. It talks, wiggles, makes noises and looks cuddly and lovable.

Inside WuvLuvs is an egg, and out of the egg comes a baby “Wu”. When you pet the baby, it talks or sings to “mommy” and “mommy” will sing back to her baby. On and on they’ll go talking and singing.

We gave WuvLuvs to several seven year old children and their older friends to play with. They all enjoyed it. Even though it sings the “ABC’s”, it’s just a fun toy, not a real educational toy. If your child likes interactive, cuddly toys, then they’ll enjoy a WuvLuvs.

Since there are small parts, this toy is not recommended for children under the age of three. It requires batteries to operate.

About WuvLuvs

Ah, the joy of motherhood. With the jubilant exclamation, “here comes baby!” these adorable electronic plush companions “give birth” to a little WuvLuvs that hatches from a uniquely decorated egg. The bond between mother and baby is immediately established as mommy WuvLuvs chooses one of 60 names for her wee offspring and they begin to communicate. Furry and friendly, WuvLuvs are able to give birth over and over again, providing hours of interactive fun. With numerous sweet, nurturing phrases and sound effects, the wide-eyed mother and child can talk and sing songs, including such favorites as The Itsy Bitsy Spider and the ABC song. The magical creatures are available in six bright colors and come complete with a brush, birth certificate and four pieces of flower food enabling children to “nourish” Wuvluvs and baby.

Additional WuvLuvs features include:

  • “Eggs”traordinary Wuvluvs “eggs”itement prior to “giving birth” including, wiggling from side-to-side, swooping eye movement and glowing antennae
  • Swaying from side to side with random eye movement after baby is “born”
  • A Touch sensor – pet the WuvLuvs and they will respond to touch
  • After three minutes of inactivity, WuvLuvs fall fast asleep

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