Question of the week

31 May
Question of the week
You have a shop at Bonanzle?
What is Bonanzle?
Bonanzle, an online street fair, asserts itself proudly as an offbeat marketplace. Bonanzle is designed to create sense of community between the artisans and specialty dealers and their customers while maintaining the convenience of online shopping.

At Bonanzle, they think that online shopping is stuck where online search was 10 years ago, in the age before Google. Many users today think that eBay and Craigslist are "good enough," and the "rules" for online shopping are set: items get posted through a series of selling pages, buyers browse static listings, buyers buy items and hope that sellers are trustable.

Bonanzle thinks there’s still a lot of room for improvement over the precedent that eBay and Craigslist set 10 years ago (and that the eBay/Craigslist lookalikes have copied ever since).

Here’s how online shopping is at Bonazle:

-Relentlessly simple. Remember five years ago when it was easy to post and browse items on eBay? We have spent more than a year designing the easiest selling process, and re-invented the concept of a "store" to revive that refreshing feeling of ease eBay once gave you.

-Instant. Every seller on Bonanzle has the option of tying their Instant Messenger to their group of items, so buyers can get questions answered (or deals made) instantly. For local items, sellers can pre-schedule pickup times to take the guesswork out of which of those Xboxes you could pick up today.

-Engaging. On Bonanzle, the journey to buy or sell your items is part of the destination. With built in user-to-user messaging and pervasive chat, you’ll find that shopping isn’t nearly as lonesome as you remember it being on Craigslist.

-Safe. It sucks to have no idea who you’re dealing with. At Bonanzle, we’re committed to building a community of friendly, everyday people. Bonanzle is not (and will never be) a place for fraudulent items, adult content, or unseemly message forums.

-Free and Almost Free. There is no reason that you should have to pay a percentage of your item sales to The Man. At Bonanzle, listing is free and fees are dirt cheap. They’re also guaranteed not to raise an iota through 2010.

Visit this new and innovative marketplace at


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