Top picks of the week for 5/23/2010

24 May
Top picks of the week ending 5/23/10
Woof & Poof Musical Moose collectible plush toy-super high quality! No batteries required-just wind him up! He’s an old fashioned music box that plays Winter wonderland. For sale here:
Folkmanis puppets-toad and the rooster. Folkmanis puppets are extra high quality and life like! A little more expensive than some other puppets-but once you examine a Folkmanis puppet you will understand that you DO get what you pay for! Both of these are for sale now:
Henry penguin plush toy from Nick Jrs Oswald tv show. This is a super rare and highly sought after plush toy!! We were very glad to find him and pass him along to his loving public! He surely will sell fast! View him here:
Calvin Douglas 11" emperor penguin plush-This is a super clean, soft and silky toy! Item is in excellent shape! For sale here:
Sesame Street Snuffleupagus. He made the list because we LOVE anything Jim Henson-especially the more rare characters! More on Snuffleupagus here:
Act fast if you think that you may be interested in purchase! Our top picks do ‘go fast’!

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