Katrina9799s Household Variety shop goes GREEN!

17 May
We’ll use GREEN trasportation all spring through the fall!
With our new warehouse and the Post office both within 2 miles of our headquarters, we decided that using a bicyle for our transportation needs would be:
  • time saving (more direct route than by car)
  • $$ saving-no gasoline!
  • great health benefits (I’m not OVERweight-but definately 10 pounds off my ‘fighting weight!)Crying
  • and it will be FUN!Open-mouthed

I ride a 1960’s 3 speed Schwinn with a front basket. This in addition to the Burley bike trailer (bought on CL for the bargain price of $30) will be adeguate for our 3x’s/week trip to the post office.

I have set the goal of NOT using the car for shipping until OCTOBER! With the following exceptions:

  • sales SO massive that boxes will not fit into my bike trailer (bike trailer holds about 12 shoe box size boxes)
  • Complete and utter DOWNPOUR- light sprinkles don’t count!
  • lightening storm

It’ll be nice to know that I’ll be meeting business goals and getting that 3x/week 30 minutes of exercize this spring/summer!


Here’s my bike and trailer:


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