Katrina9799s Household Variety shop upgraded it’s shipping system!

14 May
What does this mean to our great customers?
Nothing at all really………….We still continue to ship within 2 days of cleared payment and the labels look very similar……………Smile
What has this equipment upgrade meant for us?
A super duper time saver, (after the initial installation and learning curve-a couple hours)!! The zebra LP-2844-z, though smallish looking, is a workhorse!! We use Paypal shipping, and Paypal multi-order shipping and this printer is compatible with both!! (Be careful to buy a printer that is compatible with whatever software you use!)
With my inkjet printer I waited and waited while my labels slowly printed. I literally watched the balance of my business checking account dwindle as I used up large quantities of black ink…………Baring teeth
The cute little zebra uses NO INK……….and WOW! It printed off my 6 labels faster than my inkjet can print off even 1……..Open-mouthed…………we all know that when our volume goes up? All those spare minutes shaved off of each package time really add up!
If you are smallish seller with dreams to grow your business, upgrading your printer is a great way to prepare for a more prosperous future!

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