Katrina9799 Puppet Designs adds Value to vintage puppets!

10 May
We do this by carefully washing each puppet, making needed repairs  of the fabric, or by making new replica bodies. We also make repairs to puppet heads as needed: paint touch-ups, minor hole/tear repair etc.We make old vintage puppets attractive to buyers/collectors who do not have the time and or skills to clean/repair/mend these wonderful old toys!!

Though we have a large selection of unlisted puppets just waiting for our time and attention, here is the list of puppets that ‘make the priority list’:

  • Gund Harvey Famous Cartoons Casper the friendly ghost
  • Gund Harvey Famous Cartoons Spooky ghost
  • Gund Harvey Famous Cartoons baby huey
  • Unknown 1962 Green Dinosaur, (if you can id please contact me)
  • 1965 Proctor & Gamble Wizard of Oz Wizard puppet
  • Mary Hartline
  • Heckle Jeckle black crow
  • Mighty Mouse

Gund Harvey famous Cartoons Casper:

We tried for months and months to obtain a Casper the friendly ghost to no avail. We really didn’t think that we’d ever get one……….but last week we finally found one. He came to us in his original body extremely stained! So stained in fact that we made a completely new replica body for him-stealing his original tag off of his old body before we discarded it. All he needs now is his new ribbon.

Gund Harvey famous Cartoons Spooky:

This is our second Spooky puppet, we have another Spooky currently listed with his original body, http://www.bonanzle.com/booths/katrina9799/items/Harvey_Cartoons_Casper_Spooky_ghost_hand_puppet_by_Gund. This Spooky had a body that was shredded, as well as being extremely stained. We salvaged the tag by adherring it to a piece of white felt. Then we made a new replica body for him. All he needs now is his new ribbon.

Gund Harvey famous Cartoons Baby Huey:

We recently sold a Baby Huey puppet with his original body. So we really wanted to get another Baby Huey puppet ready to list. This Baby Huey had a decent original body except for a couple of minor rips. Minor rips/tears cannot be mended in a satisfactory way!!! So again, we stole his original tag and made Baby Huey a replica body. All he needs now is his new ribbon.

Procor & Gamble Wizard: We recently sold him so he is a re-list.

Mary Hartline, Mighty Mouse, and Heckle Jeckle Crow:

These puppets had versions in which they had silk-screened bodies on a solid background. Silk screened puppets are usually more desirable to collectors FYI. These 3 puppets came to us in bodies that were extremely worn, ugly etc. We made new bodies in a plain tan fabric with coordinating bias tape hem. We will cut felt to approximate the silk screen versions. See image of Heckle Jeckle and the example of Dick Tracy soaky soak puppet.

Here are the Puppets:

the puppets:


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