Puppets selling like hotcakes……….

27 Apr
Puppets selling like hotcakes!!!
Last night checked my stores and found that I sold 3 puppets:
  • Gund Jiminy Cricket
  • Mickey mouse
  • Minnie Mouse

And also 2 other plush toys, (tweety, and a Lilo from Lilo & stitch).


Then I went to catch some ZZZ’s. Upon awakening checked the stores again  and found that I have sold 5 Wizard of Oz puppets:

  • Dorothy
  • Wizard
  • Glenda
  • Lion
  • Toto

All to the same buyer! Thanks Kenneth! I know that you will love your new treasures-they’ll make great additions to your collection!

So, I set about gathering up all the items: Minnie, toto, Glenda, and the Wizard were all at my Star Center Mall location, http://www.myantiquemall.com/starcenter.html so I have to go and get them, and tag puppets to replace them within the case.


Unexpectedly, I found out that I made my 1st sale at the Star Center- Mr. Magoo for $80. YEAH! That will pay the rent for May at least.

Life is busy and business is good!


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