Stingray Troy Tempest vintage hand puppet

24 Jan

1966 Troy Tempest Stingray puppet Lakeside toys Japan

You are looking at a Vintage 1966 Troy Tempest Stingray puppet Lakeside toys Japan. This puppet is simply gorgeous! It is in good condition for its antiquity. This puppet wears its original body & has its original tag intact. Its clothing is in very good condition with no stains, or discolorations. There are no rips, tears or holes in the body. The seams are all intact. His head is made of soft plastic/rubber. The paint on its head is in good condition-shows wear, has minor rubs & minor marks. This puppet is very clean but could use a more thorough cleaning by the collector. This puppet shows its age a bit, but is still VERY Cool!

Stingray is a children’s marionette television show, created by Gerry and Sylvia Anderson and produced by AP Films for ATV and ITC Entertainment from 1964–65. Its 39 half-hour episodes were originally screened on ITV in the UK and in syndication in the USA. The scriptwriters included Gerry and Sylvia Anderson, Alan Fennell, and Dennis Spooner. Barry Gray composed the music, and Derek Meddings was the special effects director.

Stingray was the first Supermarionation show to be filmed in colour, and also the first in which marionettes had interchangeable heads with different facial expressions. It was also the first British television programme to be filmed entirely in colour (the earlier series The Adventures of Sir Lancelot had been made in colour from halfway through its run). At that time the US stations were gearing up for full-time colour broadcasting, although Independent Television in Britain did not begin colour transmission until November 1969.


YouTube – Stingray / More Troy Tempest
  This is a Super cool clip from the tv series Stingray. It features Troy Tempest and Titan. These characters were sold as puppets and are currently for sale at More Stingray clips can be seen on

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